MASTER DRIVE TACTICS (MDT) was established in 2009 by Dave Lamprecht after providing the services under Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics and as contract instructors for numerous Defensive and Advanced Driving Schools nationally.

MDT addresses the need for professional standardized driver training to bring all personnel to an internationally recognized standard.

MDT has been instrumental in instructing and developing driver development skills in over 40 prominent international and national companies and International Embassies.

To compliment MDT's human capital base, Carl Lamprecht, a qualified commercial pilot and Tactical Firearms instructor with 9 years experience in Defensive Driving instruction and Craig Archbold, a qualified Attorney with 18 years experience, are part of the integral MDT team to give us the edge. (Please find detailed personal information under management).

MDT has qualified contract instructors to services any location within South Africa and in other regions of Africa.
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CK 2009/056054/23

MASTER DRIVE TACTICS is a level 4 BBB-EE compliant company.